Thursday, 31 August 2017

New Covers for the SSLs

The Stick Shift Lips Series gets a fresh streamlined look.

No worries, no huge changes. I just thought a few tweaks were needed to give the series a cleaner, unified look. The newer covers will be uploaded to the various ebook sellers within the next little while. I figured I'd let you all know in advance. 

I hope you like them.

~ Maria Bernard ~

Friday, 11 August 2017

Flash Fiction - All Wet and Bothered

This week's installment of the Fiction Friday Writing Challenge from author, Arial Burnz was definitely a challenge for me. This is my first attempt at this exercise. I can't say I've tried flash-fiction before so, of course, I took the easy way out and called on one of my favourite characters, Crispin Clover of the House of Goths to help me out. So here we go...

This week's writing prompt is...  Your character gets caught in the rain. What happens next?

“Perfect! Just Perfect!” Crispin wiped briskly at his sleeves. If he had known he’d get drenched he would never have offered to pick up Becky’s paint box from her locker. The girl was always forgetting it. But being the concerned housemate, he was, as much as he hated to admit it, he’d rather retrieve it himself instead of letting the spunky little imp run-off in the dark to get it.

The silly dormouse certainly had a way of winding him up. He hadn’t wanted her to move in the first place and still held firm to the belief that she should never have been permitted to rent the spare room. But nevertheless, his other two housemates had overruled his vote. Yet here he was, doing her bidding and loving every minute of it.


Maria Bernard - Author

Thursday, 13 July 2017

The Subject of Fear


Not long ago, I created some teasers from my books around the word fear and as a result, I realized how often it actually comes up in my writing. Should it worry me? Stress me out? No, I find it fascinating.

Fear - it can save your life or it can also paralyze you. Fear is a basic instinct in all of us. To claim you are fearless is to fool yourself into thinking you are braver than you are. When, in truth, bravery is not about living without fear, but to face those fears and handle them the best you can. To voice a concern about fear is not weakness or shameful. It’s simply a way of dealing with it, or taking that first step to confront it. Courage is a key ingredient to facing your fears. Again, it takes courage to give voice to your fears. To open yourself to others takes a lot of courage, especially if you are already fearful.

The real culprit or enemy of the soul and body is stress. Stress is feeling like you are stuck and thinking or believing you need to be somewhere else. Like being stuck in traffic. There’s nothing you can do about it, but you’re angry and frustrated because you need to get somewhere else or you’ll be late. Or it’s about being where you are in your career, finances, education, etc., but thinking or believing you should be further ahead. That is insanity. That is stress. 

When you face your fears, you demolish stress. But you can’t face your fears until the time comes, or an opportunity presents itself. There’s no point in confronting your fears ahead of time since the situation that scares you most may never even come to pass. Sometimes the best course of action is inaction. Be still. It’s harder than you think.

Maria Bernard

Copyright © 2017 Maria Bernard, All rights reserved.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Rock Romance Everywhere!


Summer means music fests - and what better way to rock your world than rockstar romance.
Try these amazing authors and their stories to heat up your reading.
Drummers, singers, bassists, oh my...

The Legend of Arturo King - L.B. Dunbar >>

Vintage Volume One - Lisa Suzanne >>

First Chance - A.L. Wood >>

HITS (Hidden In The Stars) - Sadie Grubor >>

Detour - Kacey Shea >>

Breaking Faith - Joy Eileen >>

Flowers on the Wall - Mary J. Williams >>

Chasing Kade - Anna Paige >>

Forever My Girl - Heidi McLaughlin >>

Torn Between Two - Mia Kayla >>

Someone to Watch Over Me - Anne Berkeley >>

Falling Down - Anne Mercier >>

Her Forbidden Rockstar - Sarah Robinson >>

Night Shifts Black - Alyson Santos >>

Serenading the Shadows - Jodie Larson >>

Jag, Rush, Roxy, Stone (Pandemic Sorrow Series) - Stevie J. Cole >>

The Back-Up Series Box Set - A.M. Madden >>

Ryker - Joanne Schwehm >>

Dangerous Hearts (A Stolen Melody Duet, Part I) - K.K. Allen >>

Just an Illusion - Side A - D. Kelly >>

Irresistible Refrain - Michelle Mankin >>

Broken Melody - Jennifer Miller >> 

Gravity- Lauren Runow >>

Ready For Flynn, Part1 - K.L. Shandwick >>

Rock Stars Don’t Like Big Knickers - Nikki Ashton >>

Bring Me You - Ryleigh Andrews >>

REVELRY - Carmen Jenner >>

Bassist With Benefits - Jenna Galicki >>

Dream Crush, LA Summer - Maria Bernard >>

Wounded - Abby Brooks >>

Stoned - Mandi Beck >>

Love Sex Music - Michelle A. Valentine >>

My Contribution is Dream Crush, LA Summer - Maria Bernard >>

You'll meet the members of Dream Crush, reunite with the Stick Shift Lips, and see Jay Sharp (Southern Jackass) in 'action' right where it all started, LA's infamous Sunset Strip.

Dream Crush can and should be enjoyed as a Stand Alone Read as well as a part of the SSL Rockstar Series!

For more on the Stick Shift Lips Series go to

Saturday, 1 July 2017

☆ Dollar Sale ☆

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Wherever Girl by Maria Bernard
Surf and Sun Rockstar Romance (Stand Alone)
• Having nothing left, Sara flies away and lands in the arms of a charming songwriter.

The Balcony by Maria Bernard
Rockstar Romance with a Paranormal Twist. (Stand Alone)
• Two matchmaking lost souls endeavour to save a third from throwing it all away.

House of Goths by Maria Bernard
Not Your Average Fraternity House
• Refusing to languish in a dorm, Becky finds a home with four unlikely fraternity brothers.


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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Belonging is Live!

Belonging by Maria Bernard
New Adult • College • Rock Star Romance Series
Find your soulmate, find yourself…

Belonging Tralier:

Tempers flare, and passions ignite when a soul searching getaway gets hijacked!

English Literature is Gwen Mathewson’s passion. She lives vicariously through her beloved Victorian novels. She dreams of travelling to England, the source of her obsession and has the whole trip planned on a detailed itinerary kept close at hand. The trouble is, she suffers from extreme anxiety. Gwen wants to chase her dreams but is trapped by her crushing fear of the unknown.

When a handsome man resembling her Victorian literary heroes enters the shop where she works, Gwen feels an instant connection. She can’t keep her heart from racing. He, on the other hand, has eyes only for her itinerary.

Crispin Clover is a tortured singer, desperate to get away from his clingy bandmates. But he doesn’t have a plan. When he discovers Gwen’s detailed itinerary, he makes her an offer she can't refuse. Little does Crispin realize his soul searching getaway is about to get hijacked.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Flash Fiction Sunday

Crooked Halos by Maria Bernard

“So, where are these so-called friends of yours?" asked Victor, watching me with a quirk of a dark brow, his crooked halo floating above his head. Sitting in his chair, he might as well be on a throne with that arrogance he wore so well.

"They should be here soon!" I said with as much conviction as I could muster. At the skepticism staring back at me, my resolve crumbled. He knew without me saying so, that my 'friends' weren't coming, that I was alone, by myself, in my made-up world where I was a star. Foolish me.

When he tilted his face, and held out his hand, I didn't hesitate.

"It's all right," he whispered in my ear. "I’ll always show up for you." He held me and I sighed in the comfort of his beloved embrace.

"You've never let me down, Victor. I only wish I could do this on my own. I wanted to prove that I'm strong, that I have strength in numbers, friends who would support me."

"You have that in me, Tara," said my guardian as I buried my nose in the comforting abyss of his dark hair.

"Thank God for you."

© 2017 Maria Bernard